Lift your face to that magic word “Vacation”



Let me first say  I do believe that, while  we cannot hide our heads in the sand regarding the current upheaval of our very democracy, we can sometimes hide our toes! And so I utter the magic word….


Ahhh! Just close your eyes and go there. In these world-weary times everyone needs some escape time. My upcoming escape starts in 1 week and begins with a few days solo in Wilmington NC and ending with a fun-filled weekend at the nuptials of  beautiful couple Emily and Chris!

As I think of the mental transition into vacation mode I’ve decided to write down ways in which to facilitate the ultimate vacation for me.

As always when I go on vacation I want to experience a mix of beautiful natural surroundings with great walking and exploring along with a quaint town or community and some cultural/artistic elements thrown in for good measure! And of course good food and wine and sometimes great company. For me as a single woman who plans to travel solo on retirement, this trip will be a chance to experience the reality first in small “practice bites”. More than anything though, I want to be open and aware of all the wonder and diversity in this world so…

In order to be able to truly Lift my face to the experience of Vacation:

I will not follow political happenings.   I will not worry about anything.

I will not engage in or tolerate negativity.

I will open my eyes and absorb all the beauty and humanity possible!

I will walk and breathe in the world!

I will dance and laugh and celebrate love,friendship and family!

I will lift my face!

Cindy   (Stay tuned for pics of upcoming trip!)

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