Beach Balm: SGI June 2018


There are so many types of vacations to experience, you all could name many of your own favorites I’m sure. So many of these vacations are so much fun or adventure that, frankly, they are friggin’ exhausting! In my opinion and, admittedly a type of vacation I rarely take, the best vacations in the world can be the simplest. And the best of the best is a relaxing beach get-away with family. Some of you, dear readers, may be running from the room in horror at the idea of spending time with family.  My family , indeed all of my tribe, is pretty awesome, intelligent and fun to be around, mostly easy-going etc., so I’m lucky that way. Let’s also acknowledge that if they weren’t those things, I wouldn’t be hanging with them and writing this blog.


I am always astonished at my first real look at the ocean rolling onto that beautiful sand. That first moment when I step onto that sand and see the tide roll in to form an edge of lacy foam looking like my Aunt Mary’s doilies, I take a deep renewing breath. As the water ebbs back into the sea to repeat again, exactly the same but completely different, in just a few seconds, I exhale deeply and release. As I lift my gaze to that blue blue sky and those majestic clouds and I feel that cool ocean breeze, it is impossible not to experience a release of all my personal weights( masters, if you will). I take a deep breath and whisper a word of gratitude ready to be relaxed and observant and enjoy the peace of it all. It is very magical balm for the soul. 20180615_204216

The fact that we laughed and had fun and that all three kids ran free to, literally, play themselves out just added another dimension of soothing balm. It is a scientific fact that the sound of a child’s laughter releases endorphins and makes you happy. I might have made that up, But it is certainly true! These guys had so much fun chasing crabs in the twilight! The evening was made even more fun with a fire and s’mores on the beach!


Many thanks to the Mendonca clan for letting me tag along for a couple of days. There was great conversation and relaxing quiet time to read or listen to the ocean. There was good food and drink, the weather was comfortable and the breeze was refreshing. Our evening on the beach started with an astonishing sunset. The colors reflected off the clouds and flashed every shade of pink, purple and blue across the sky. One can only describe it as godlight! The night ended perfectly with the adults sitting around a dying fire, listening to the waves roll in and out in a never-ending quest and feeling the cool ocean breeze blowing in from exotic far-off lands. As the fire died and the curtains of night were drawn we lifted our faces to the slow unveiling of the starry skies opening above us. It was a moment of utter peace and contentment.



In these turbulent times we all need moments when we can relax and refill. After such a replenishing time, I can refocus knowing that there is love and beauty all around and that is all that really counts. I hope you all take a moment to look around you and lift your spirits to the love and wonder in front of you.

Lift your face, Cindy




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