The Magic that Dwells Within

IMG_3260All houses possess their own unique histories. There is a story in every piece of wood and in every brick or stone used to build the structure. There is a story passed from every hand that built and cared for it over the years. There is history in everything that occupies a space within its walls. Every piece of art, every photograph, every book, every object has a story and, hopefully, for the inquisitive, it evokes curiosity. When you look at all the decorative objects, the art and photos and the books you are transported to that place. You wonder what it would be like to go there or you remember a visit of your own. You wonder about its meaning to the owner or you wonder what the artist was experiencing as he or she created the piece. Anyway, you get the picture.

If a house is filled with love from the people who have lived within, the house transcends into a home, and that is the stuff of magic!

My home is called Maison de la flaneuse which translates to Home of the wanderer. Now, I admit that, while I have probably traveled more than most, I haven’t wandered nearly enough, but throughout my life and wandering I have collected and loved items that I knew possessed magic.  I ask you, dear reader, to remember it is the love that brings the magic to life.  So, suspend your skepticism and with love in your heart lift your face to the magic right in front of you.20180418_120441.jpg

For me, of course, everything in my home is magical because I know the history of everything that dwells with me here and because I love all their stories. But I also know that ma maison possesses a wonderful magic all her own that she is willing to share if you are willing to believe. I’m quite sure it is obvious my home is female in all the best ways!

It is my hope that you will sense a feeling of joy and happiness during your visit to Maison de la flaneuse. I hope the art, the books, everything fills you with delight and you can sense the magic and mysticism of some of the more special objects. I hope that as you enter with a relaxing breath, you release any negative and allow yourself to be enveloped in the cozy Zen of ma maison and you are opened to the possibility of….Magic!

The religious references from the Buddhas and angels to the Bibles scattered throughout the house represent, not religion, but universal spirituality and can bring peace and acceptance. The artwork signed cb are my own attempts to capture some of my travels . Many of the photographs are from travels, much of the artwork was purchased on travels.  I have my grandson’s wonderful rendition of starry night and I have my daughter’s middle school version of the gettysburg address. The piece above the sofa was purchased as a tribute to my father. I have treasured works done by friends and family and well-loved family antiques. I am a lucky girl!!! I am so grateful for the beauty and love that surrounds me daily! I know they are all just things, but our things should add beauty and joy to our surroundings and our souls.

The snake in the playroom was painted in Mexico and given to me by a powerful Curandero. The snake represents a creative life force and transformative growth. Focusing on the energy from the snake will allow you to see your path to your best life.20180418_121302.jpg

The trio of sticks in the middle bedroom each possess strong mystical powers not to be dismissed lightly. The large stick must be lifted carefully. Standing in the middle of the room close your eyes and slowly flip the stick end to end. The tinkling sound alone will send a wonderful shiver down your spine that is magical itself. This rainstick was purchased in an ancient Spanish city on a trip with great friends. It was created by a Mapuche tribe in Patagonia and will bless you with renewal and growth. The forked stick is a finding stick. It was given to me by a Buddhist Monk in Nepal. Hold the stick and close your eyes and it will help you remember the location of a lost item. The twisted stick is a spirit stick. It was given to me by the descendant of a famous Native American Shaman. If you sit and hold the stick and close your eyes protective spirits will surround you. You only have to believe!20180418_121030.jpg

Much of the magic of ma maison dwells in the backyard. The intimate setting is filled with beautiful and magical objects. The many plants and flowers smell heavenly and attract lots of butterflies and bees. Many lizards, frogs and other creatures call ma maison home. The oaks are home to birds and squirrels galore. The squirrels can be very entertaining, but they have a little gangsta in them too so don’t be surprised by flying acorns!

The most amazing and wonderful magic of all is the fairy garden in the far corner of the yard.  Children are always enchanted when they see the garden, but children just naturally believe.  You must channel your inner child and believe in the possibility!

First of all, let me explain a few things you should know about fairies. They are very mysterious and elusive beings for all but the most devoted students of faeology.

Fae fact #1   They don’t want you to see them, so you probably won’t. They live in another dimension where they can disappear from view in a flash. When they enter our world, they are like hummingbirds on steroids! If they happen to be close, you can sometimes feel a breeze from the lightening flutter of their wings! They are very tiny creatures, but they are extremely strong and can carry many times their weight! I’ve seen evidence of things they have moved many times, believe me.

Fae fact #2   They are very playful and are attracted to environments where they can play. They’ve left me little bundles of flowers to thank me for the swings and places to slide and play in my garden. I can tell when they’ve frolicked all night, because they love to move things around. Lately they’ve been setting up the deck chairs to create a giant slip n slide. Right outside my window, I might add, where they no doubt, take impish delight in giggling away! Don’t waste your time trying to get a peek at them though! They are super-fast!!

Fae fact#3   They are fascinated by kids at play and will often spy on children, but they don’t think much of grown-ups (grumps as they call us). They think we humans are large and clumsy and, given their pranksterish ways, they delight in finding a way to trick us or make us trip so they can laugh at us over a cup of nectar or stolen wine, which they will definitely drink if you happen to leave a glass on the deck. They get really frisky then, believe me.

Fae fact #4   Fairies love to dance in the moonlight and they are especially fond of dancing in the fairy lights. Of course, they are almost impossible to see among the lights but be sure to turn them on and just maybe you’ll get lucky!  Fairies are almost impossible to spot, but sometimes, if you sit very quietly, you may see a beautiful flicker and sometimes if you dance in the moonlight, you’ll feel the rapid flutter of wings as a fairy dances on your shoulder. All you have to do is believe!

And so, dear reader, though I may have embellished the details a bit for interest, it is my hope that you will embrace the magic, that you will spot a fairy, and mostly that you will create a magical weekend of your own! I do guarantee that as you close the door on your visit to Maison de la flaneuse you will leave relaxed and refreshed with a big smile on your face!

Lift your face Cindy

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PS- Fairy lights are located on far side of little white shed. Just remove cover and plug in orange cord on deck. They are magical!

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